Chase Freedom  |  Breakfast Remix


Chase Freedom partners quarterly with merchants to provide bonus opportunities to earn 5% cash back for their cardholders. This particular quarter, Bed Bath & Beyond® was one of the featured merchants. Inspired by his song challenges, we reached out and worked closely with YouTube star Andrew Huang to pull together a scrumptiously upbeat breakfast video.

In the first 3 days, the video hit 1 million views.

2015 Midas Awards – Silver

All Nippon Airways  |  Adventures of Ana


Meet Ana. No, not ANA. Ana. She’s the aptly-named star of our animated video series for All Nippon Airways, aptly-titled “The Adventures of Ana.” As our host through all of Japan’s excitements and wonders, Ana showed our audience a side of Japan they’d never experienced. 

From feeding deer in Nara Park, to trekking through Akiyoshido Cave, to sailing the Mogami River, each piece of content was hand drawn with aesthetic inspiration from Japanese culture and style. We focused on the craft of each story we created, paying meticulous attention to every detail hidden in the places she visited.  We even hid souvenirs in each post, and featured clues in the copy about how to find them.

And finally, to make this beautiful series a useful tool to all travelers, we used this series to teach our audience Japanese vocabulary words that could come in handy on their next adventure.